2012 Fall Brawl

It’s time to start practicing your Ice Climbers combos! Our annual Fall Brawl returns Saturday, December 8th bigger and more exciting  than ever with tournament play for three different Super Smash games.  This year’s tournaments will include Pro 2v2 and 1v1 brackets as well as Amateur 1v1 brackets for both Brawl and Melee. Plus, a special 1v1 tournament for Project M.

Check out the Fall Brawl website http://nyu.smashtournament.com/ for more information on the tournament set-up, schedule, and Pro bracket entrance fees.

When: Saturday, December 8th, 10am

Where: 721 Broadway, 9th floor

Some of the best Smash players on the East Coast will be out for this tournament, so if you’re excited by high level game play, be sure to join us! We’ll also have amateur tournaments and free play matches of the Super Smash Bros. for the 64, so there’s something for all levels of Smash fan.