Inspiration Hunter

A 3D game about forgetting all your ideas

Having ideas is hard. Having a ton of them swarm at you at once is harder. Inspiration Hunter is a proof-of-concept for a game that simulates this phenomenon.

Nick Carbonara
Class: Intermediate Game Development - 2017
Instructor:  Robert Yang    

As a particularly note-taking-obsessed guy who hates forgetting cool ideas and other important stuff, this is a source of personal frustration. After all, it’s not like any of those great ideas are useful unless they’re recorded in an organized fashion, right? And it’s always the best ones that are so easy to forget, argh! (Paces and kicks angrily at the ground)

Inspiration Hunter is a prototype for an autobiographical game that I created from scratch using Unity, C#, and Maya over the course of a few weeks. As someone who enjoys dreaming up cool ideas and developing systematic ways of keeping them all organized, I was eager to show off a part of myself that I consider central to who I am. The game is far from perfect as of current, but it lays the foundation for what could become a complete game someday. Take a peek at some of the screenshots below!