Thursday, November 4th, come out and visit Babycastles Manhattan (217 East 42nd Street) for their newest showcase: Heavenly Symphony. In collabortaion with ARTXGAMES, Babycastles will be showcasing five brilliant games jointly created by artists and independent game developers. Not only will there be new games hosted by Babycastles, but the arcade cabinets and artwork have been entirely redone in a brand new aesthetic.

This time around Babycastles has hired three incredible chiptunes bands to perform music at the venue. These bands include Nullsleep, George and Johnathon, and Zen Albatross.

The event will begin at 7pm and, best of all, it’s entirely free (donations are welcome). So, clear your Thursday night schedule and come out to Babycastles for an entertaining and thought-provoking night of games, music, and art!