Semester(s) Offered:
Credits: 2
Course Call Number: GAMES-GT 236
Prerequisite(s): (Student should be familiar with Unity)

This class is dedicated to experimenting with interactivity on large-scale screens. Students will develop one project over the course of the semester, culminating with a showing at InterActiveCorpʼs 120 X 12-foot video wall at their corporate headquarters on 18th and the West Side Highway. A mock-up of the system will be available at the Game Center for testing. Class time will be divided between independent project development, critique, technical demonstrations, and field trips to IAC. Group projects are encouraged.

Upon completion of this course, the student will learn to:
1) Develop large, location-based interactions that are applicable to events, museums and other contexts that integrate interactive work with public spaces.
2) Design interactions that incorporate physical and social interactions as well as virtual ones.
3) Work within the constraints of a public space.