Semester(s) Offered: Spring
Credits: 4
Course Call Number: GAMES-UT 125

Recent developments in web standards technology have begun a second wave of innovation in the space of browser games. The open web is the most accessible publishing platform in history, and browser games inherently focus on free-access business models, which makes browser games the most accessible, democratized form of game development. This class is about learning to understand harness that creative form, developing games for the broadest possible audience, that can disseminate themselves in the most rapid, viral of ways. Students will learn technical aspects of developing games for the web, but also focus on gaining a deep understanding of what kind of games are made possible by the platform.

Unlike most of the studio classes in the Game Center, this class culminates in the publication of student projects to the open web, either on department servers or on the students’ own servers.

Like nearly all of the most popular browser games in the history of the medium, the games will be developed by one person working alone, producing systems, code, visual and sound design for the game.

The course meets twice per week. The lecture meeting will be used for training in the game engine, discussion and critique, along with some structured exercises and facilitated interviews with successful developers of browser games. The lab focuses on solo work time, including some one-on-one meetings with the TA and the instructor. Students should expect to put in 10 hours of work per week outside of these meetings.