Semester(s) Offered: Spring
Credits: 4
Course Call Number: GAMES-GT 251

Gameplay programming is a mess. Once you’ve factored out engine‐level systems like graphics and physics, what remains is a complex tangle of concepts and relationships ‐ often unique to your game ‐ that can be difficult to express clearly in code. The goal of this class is to provide students with a set of techniques ‐ applicable across different languages, genres and game engines ‐ that can help tame that complexity. To achieve that goal student will develop a game in Unity over the course of the semester. Most weeks we will introduce a new technique and add a feature to the game that highlights the utility of the technique. Along with developing new features students will also be responsible for reviewing each other’s code, as well as maintaining and revising their codebase. There will also be guest lectures by experienced developers who will discuss common issues they face during development and the techniques they use to resolve those issues.