IndieCade 2017


2017-10-06 at 4PM




Los Angeles, CA


This week we’ll be in Los Angeles, California to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the IndieCade Festival! If you’re at the festival this year, stop by our booth, play games and see talks from NYU Game Center faculty, students, alumni, and staff!

Visit Our Booth

Friday 4-10PM
Saturday 10AM-6PM
Sunday 12-4PM

This year’s booth features the 10 Years of the NYU Game Center at IndieCade Arcade. Play a selection of NYU Game Center games that have been featured in the festival over the last decade alongside recent student and alumni games! Come through for an excellent selection of award-winning favorites and future festival hits.

Staff, students, and faculty will be at the booth all weekend to chat about getting a game design degree at NYU, applying to the NYU Game Center Incubator, and what’s new with the NYC games community.

Game Center Games in the 2017 Festival

Congratulations to the NYU Game Center games that will be featured in the 2017 IndieCade Festival!

Naomi Clark (Faculty)

Emotional Fugitive Detector
Sam Von Ehren, Noca Wu, Alexander King (MFA ‘17)

Feed in
Timothy Sun, Paolo Lintag Salcedo, Laurenz Riklin, Hang Ruan, Wei Yu, Hosni Auji (MFA ‘18)

Stephen Lawrence Clark (MFA ‘14, No Quarter 2016 Commission)

Owen Bell (MFA ‘16)

Fortune 500
AP Thomson (MFA ‘15)

Breakup Squad
Catt Small, Chris Algoo, Ethan Gooding,
Hillmon Ancrum (No Quarter 2016 Commission)

The Norwood Suite
Cosmo D (Incubator ’16)

For the full list of nominees and selections, visit the IndieCade Games page.

See Game Center Faculty Talks & Panels

Saturday 10AM: ThinkIndie Future Trends, Moderated by Mitu Khandaker
In 2017 we have several new technologies upon us, ranging from complex and expensive VR and AR, to cheap microcontrollers and maker technologies, as well as great leaps forward in software, particularly AI. We’ll discuss how these new and upcoming technologies might find their way into the Indiecades of the future.

Saturday 11AM: University Gameshow with Naomi Clark & Hosni Auji (MFA ’18)
Ever wonder what goes on day-to-day in game design school? Watch Naomi & Hosni crush other faculty-student teams from leading game design programs in this Newlyweds-style showdown.

Saturday 5PM: Well Played: Tacoma with Naomi Clark
What makes a game good? or bad? or better? or indie? IndieCade has hosted Well Played sessions across the years to explore these questions through in-depth close readings of video games that unpack the various meanings to be found in play.

For the full IndieCade talk and event schedule, visit the schedule site.