Join the best minds in game design this summer, June 21-23, 2018 for three days of talks, discussion, and play. PRACTICE: Game Design in Detail is the NYU Game Center’s annual professional game design conference that brings together videogame designers, board and card game designers, designers of sports and LARPs, and more to discuss the details of our shared game design practice.

PRACTICE takes a close look at the concrete challenges of game design, bridging dialogue across industries. Where else can a console developer discuss level design with a tabletop RPG writer? Or an iPhone puzzle creator debate economy balancing with a collectible card game designer? Or a professional sports official share secrets with an experimental indie game artist? No other conference brings together such a diverse group of game designers for high-level dialogue.

We explore the day-to-day, nuts and bolts of game design – where the rubber of design ideas and methods meets the road of meaningful, playable games. Join us for three days of lectures and panels, debates and discussions, mixed with plenty of game-playing and socializing.

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Each year PRACTICE features presentations from a variety of expert and accomplished game designers representing all corners of game design. Speakers focus on design challenges and solutions in a wide range of games, from AAA videogames to collectible card games, to indie experiments to car racing. Previous talks have explored the game design challenges in genres including eSports, AAA game development, US Navy wargames, roguelikes, rock climbing, puzzles, mobile games, and many more!

This year we’re excited to welcome:

Zak McClendon, Project Lead on Psychonauts 2
Adriel Wallick, Organizer of the Train Jam
Joseph White, PICO-8 Creator
Allison Parrish, Rewordable Designer
Richard Korzekwa, Bicycle Racing Expert


With many more speakers to be announced soon!

Past PRACTICE speakers have worked on Netrunner: Android, Counter-Strike: Go, Kentucky Route Zero, The Witness, League of Legends,  Threes, Deus Ex, Risk Legacy, Rockband, Dwarf Fortress, Her Story, and others!

You can watch all the talks from past PRACTICE conferences on our Vimeo page.

If you’d like to read more from past PRACTICE speakers, check out our Three Questions series, where Game Center MFAs ask speakers three questions to dive deeper into their design philosophies and methods.


Unlike any other conference, the people you’ll meet here have a diversity of backgrounds matched only by their depth of expertise. Our attendees are working professionals who arrive with a shared knowledge of design. They might not design the same kinds of games, but they can skip the small talk and get right to the good stuff- the high-level conversations about game design!

Plus, there are only 200 seats, big enough where each conversation opens a new door, small enough to feel intimate and familiar. There’s a reason why the majority of attendees have been to PRACTICE more than once, and why some come back every single year!

The person who sat next to you at PRACTICE last year might be a speaker this year. You might be a speaker next year!

Games for Change Sponsored Passes

Once again, thanks to the continued support of Games for Change, we’re delighted to be able to again offer sponsored passes. We’re very proud of the diverse practices of design that the conference brings together and we want to ensure that the audience for the event is equally representative. However, we also understand the realities – including financial hardship – that can make that difficult. To address that, we’re able to offer 5 passes at the highly reduced rate of $50 for people who otherwise would not be able to attend. Inspired by XOXO’s approach to making their event accessible, we’ve instituted a simple application system.

If you need a sponsored pass, please get in touch using this form and let us know. Each request will be reviewed by a small, diverse group of advisors with personal experience supporting and advocating for underrepresented groups. Further details about Games for Change sponsored passes are available here.

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