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Gil Hova
Courses taught:
- Contemporary Concepts in Board Game Design

Gil designs and publishes board games. His games offer challenging and interesting decisions, offset by approachable and usually humorous designs. He started designing board games in 2000. His first game, the word game Prolix, was released by Z-Man Games in 2010. Battle Merchants followed in 2014 from Minion Games. Later in 2014, Gil founded Formal Ferret Games to publish his own board games. He has released 3 games this way: Bad Medicine, The Networks, and Wordsy, with more games coming soon. Gil is a fixture on the board game convention circuit, and enjoys speaking on panels and giving feedback on board game prototypes.

Gil is a dedicated podcaster, co-hosting Ludology with Game Center faculty Geoff Engelstein, as well as co-founding the popular show Breaking Into Board Games. He also runs the NYC-Playtest board game design group, founded by Game Center faculty Josh DeBonis.

Gil lives in Jersey City with his partner and two adorable ferrets.

Learn more about Gil and his work on his website!