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Simon Ferrari
Courses taught:
- Intro to Game Studies
- Game Studies 1

Simon is a producer with years of indie experience, now focusing on games and entertainment applications at AMC Networks. He worked for some time at the Indie Fund, scouting out new games and helping developers become financially independent. Ferrari was also responsible for building the eSports Showcase program for IndieCade, before being named the co-chair of IndieCade East. Simon currently serves on the advisory board for the NYU Game Center Incubator, where he has also taught and produced events in the past.

In a previous academic life Simon was a research assistant on the UCSC/GaTech Journalism & Games project, culminating in the release of the arcade remix engine Game-o-Matic. Along with Ian Bogost and Bobby Schweizer, he is the co-author of Newsgames: Journalism at Play (MIT Press, 2010).