We’re excited to welcome the NYU Game Center back in-person for the Fall 2021 semester! However as we begin our Fall semester together, we’re going to be taking many precautions to prevent the spread COVID-19. Find our policies below, and feel free to reach out to any NYU Game Center faculty or staff if you have any comments or questions.

General Policies

  • Classes and resources will be back in-person, and students should look for communication from their instructors on any class-specific COVID-19 guidance.
  • Masks will be required on the floor at all times.
  • No eating, because it requires removing masks — at least in the early fall, we’re hoping it’ll be nice enough to eat outside (probably the best choice). NYU also has spacious cafeterias which will are designated eating areas, but our small kitchen is not a designated eating area.
  • To access any NYU facilities, you must have uploaded proof of vaccination and complete the NYU daily health screener every day you come into an NYU building.
  • Testing is not required for NYU students, but free tests will continue to be available throughout the Fall. Find more information about NYU’s testing here.

The NYU Game Center’s Floor – 370 Jay Street, 6th Floor
The NYU Game Center floor will be open starting Monday, August 30. Normal activities will resume on the floor – classes, Library use, equipment check-outs, co-working space, etc. – however, we ask that for the beginning of the semester you space out and be mindful of capacity on the floor. Consider having meetings remotely or outside, and spreading out to work alone. We’re keenly aware that meeting on Zoom is not the same as getting together in person, and looking forward to meeting and working in person as well. However, we still want to keep the Game Center from getting really crowded. The space is available for you to work, study and collaborate in, but please consider how many people are already in an area and whether you might want to study or meet in another location — a less crowded floor, outside, at home if you’re on your own, etc.

Small spaces will be available on the floor for meetings, work, etc. To reserve a conference room, phone book, or other space on the floor, post in #gc_reservations on Slack following the guidelines listed in the channel.

Open Library
The Library will re-open for the Fall semester! We will have limited September hours while we rehire staff, and will open regular hours October – December. If you have questions reach out to Gwynna Forgham-Thrift at gft213@nyu.edu

Equipment Check-outs
Equipment check-outs will be available for the Fall. To inquire about an equipment check-out, please reach out to Logan Clare at lc170@nyu.edu.

Help Desks
We are running help desks in programming, art, and writing in-person this Fall. Some Help Desks may run remotely for September or offer remote sessions throughout the semester. Follow the #gc_help channel on Slack for updates.

Events will be happening both in-person and virtually throughout the Fall semester! Events will only be open to NYU students at the beginning of the semester, and we hope to expand our event offerings throughout the Fall.