Cooperate and betray while trying to guide a caravan through the treacherous desert!

Caravan Burns to the Ground!

Each player is a merchant trying to transport their materials through the desert. They must either cooperate to protect the caravan or betray their other merchants and leave the caravan in danger!

Jing + Tamrah Cunningham + Ben Poland + Julian Hyde

Time to invoke the cut throat trader within you in Caravan Traders! You need to safely transport your goods to the market so you can earn a profit and to embarrass your fellow merchants with your vast wealth. Each round, each merchant places their investments into the caravan. Players must then either pay the cost to prevent the many misfortunes that could befall the caravan or solicit donations from the other merchants to help protect your investments. But remember, though you all may travel on the same caravan, not all merchants are out to help. Merchants may lie in order to gain a profit or set out to burn the caravan to the ground.

Caravan Trader’s was made for Game Design 1 for the social game assignment. We were given the limitations that our game should involve shared investment and provoke a feeling of betrayal. If you wish too, you can download the materials for this game and play it yourself!

Or are they???

Players put in contributions to protect the caravan

Players consider their positions.

Players consider their positions.