A tactical fighting game

Death is a strategy

Jingjin + Wyatt Yeong + Kailin Zhu + Jonathan Moormann

(For the thesis class of 2016, led by Frank Lantz, Matt Parker, Eric Zimmrman, Clara Fernandez)

Epitaph is a tactical fighting game that combines the planning and maneuvering of a strategy game with the speed and excitement of an eSport. Each player controls a squad of three Reapers, the aspects of Death, and faces off against one another to claim the souls of the dead. To win, you’ll need to kill your opponent’s characters five times, but every time a character falls, they will come back as a stronger version of themselves. As more characters die, their abilities become more and more potent, pushing every match towards a thunderous conclusion and ensuring that in Epitaph, death is not the end… it’s a strategy.



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