Puzzle Game

Hank Feng + Alex Guo + James Yuan + Nick Chirico + Cooper Yang + Wenyi Xu + Wuji Cao + Yuhao Gao
Instructor:  Clara Fernández-Vara    

Game Link: https://nickchirico.itch.io/judge

“The totalitarian government of Chiu has denounced several of its officers on suspicions of “criminal” activity. It is your job to solve these cases by providing the appropriate evidence and submitting a case report for each one. Investigate the suspected person(s) by finding irregularities or condemning statements in their email inboxes, or in the government databases (such as the Financial, Law Enforcement, or Customs database) The databases are accessible from your computer’s taskbar.”

Welcome to the Jungle!

“The Judge” is a puzzle-solving interactive novel game, that takes place in the late 1980s fictional dystopian country “The New Republic of Chiu”. Play as the government employed investigator Yao Bang working for the “Committee of Justice” to solve a series of various cases, and discover the truth about this tyrannical society.

Parody Disclaimer: Any resemblance to the truth in this game is purely coincidental. Please accept our apologies in advance if any content is offensive.