"A parody of a band's parody of Scot pilgrim, but musical farm animals"

Class: Game Design II - 2019 spring
Instructor:  Karina Popp    

A lovely home screen


This is one of the buttons that showed you what members routes you were going down. This yellow drum is for a yellow goat named Otter Show is Meowderslides drummer.



They yellow drum is for Otter the goat. The Blue guitar is For Jeffery a blue corgi. The purple guitar is for Pawsten a purple cat. All the buttons are arranged based on where meowderslides stand’s on stage. They are on a cat tree because it looks like a stage and cats like to play on cat trees which makes this a perfect stand in for a play ground. The game is lovely based on the music video for gloom boys by waterparks (the lyrics are faintly hidden in the background)  and that video takes place at a playground as a discount version of Scott Pilgrim vs the universe)


A cool fact:

Each members route has a cover of a different waterparks song, and the arrow keys had noises attached. There is also an auditory cue that tells you whether you picked the right or wrong answer.