This dog park seeks to provide musical, memorable outdoor experiences for dogs and their owners (but mostly for dogs).

New Froggington is unsupervised. Dogs and dog owners are free to not be responsible, relinquish control, but are liable for no damages.

__frog__ + Ty Cobb + darwin + Laura Reyes
Class: Game Studio I - 2020
Instructor:  Bennett Foddy    

Hours & Location:

  • Open 24/7.
  • Ask one of the authors to open the park for you.
  • Or open it yourself (forward TCP port 7778).

Greeting Dog


  1. Use and enjoy this park.
  2. Use park without any real risk.
  3. Owners have no responsibility to speak of.
  4. Dogs and owners must be connected by a leash-like thread at all times.
  5. Remember that “on-leash” does not mean “in-control”.
  6. There are no aggressive dogs.
  7. Encourage your dog to jump on things.
  8. There are no limits worth respecting.

Fishing Dog