Clone of the level “Bowser in the Dark World” from Super Mario 64.

Connor Allen-Kilpatrick + Emma Raine Stone + Nick Chirico + Ariana Barry
Class: Intermediate Game Development - 2018
Instructor:  Robert Yang    

Play the Game Here!


This class project is a clone of the iconic first Bowser level in Mario 64, “Bowser in the Dark World.” The project spanned six weeks of development wherein we built all the levels, 3D models, textures, music, sound effects, and of course gameplay code from scratch using the Unity engine with C#, Maya, and Photoshop.

The prospect of recreating a Mario 64 level in 6 weeks was daunting since most levels are very large open areas with a ton of geometry and multiple paths, and to recreate a small portion of a level would be underwhelming. We eventually chose this Bowser level because of it’s small, linear layout in order to fit into the scope of our project. While the level may be smaller than the traditional Mario 64 level, it is just as iconic and instantly recognizable to anyone who has played the original. And due to the smaller size of this level, we were able to incorporate everything as it was in the original, rather than sacrificing certain parts to fit our scope. Of course, we could not incorporate the final battle with Bowser, but Bowser is president of Nintendo America now, so he’s very busy.

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