surreal first-person shooter exploring the guilt of a soldier and dissonance of player-character relationship

Ansh Patel

To Shooter,With Guilt

“A first-person shooter meets bullet-hell but one where your bullets — a reminder of your own guilt — are also your enemies”

Genre: First-Person Shoot/Bullet-Hell/Survival

Platforms: PC,Linux,Web

Current Status: Playable Prototype

(Made within a week during #7DFPS)

NGF Awards 2013 “Student Category” Finalist

Kill Screen Feature and Interview

Rock,Paper,Shotgun’s 7DFPS Top Picks

Where You Can Play

Version 1.0.1 (includes “Survival Mode”)

PC (Direct)



You are a soldier and it is your moral duty and responsibility to kill the person in the *enemy* uniform.

A person just like you.

Combining bullet patterns and emphasizing movement and dodge while shooting, it combines FPS with bullet hell but doesn’t make it all simple.


Your dead foes come back to haunt you. Walking slowly to your position — every bullet you shoot returns back to you.

There is no victory.  You only survive for as long as you can. You will eventually die either by the bullets of your enemies, by your dead walking foes haunting you, or by your own bullets. There is no escape from guilt once you pick up a gun and kill someone.

Or so you’re made to believe….

Key Features
  • First-person shooter meets bullet hell where emphasis is on movement, dodging, shooting and survival
  • An introspective and thematic storyline told through radio chatter or “player” versus “character” internal monologues.
  • Enemies with different and challenging bullet patterns that keep you on your toes
  • Your dead foes haunt where-ever you go. If you shoot them, your bullets return back to you!
  • Explores the themes of a soldier’s guilt and “player-character” relationship in a shooter
  • Surreal environment and realistic sound effects
  • Two possible endings
  • No on-screen GUI and non-intrusive health indicators
  • Insta-replay



  • Soldier 3D Models from Turbosquid
  • Sound Effects from SoundBible