The indie arcade Babycastles throwing an opening party on Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 at 6:00pm, entitled “F%!K THE SCREEN”. This collection of highly physical videogame installations, curated by Doug Wilson, Bennett Foddy, and Matt Parker.  Games that deliberately make it awkward to see the screen, as well as games that get rid of screens entirely! F%!kin’ screens, man.

The premiere will also feature musical performaces by Pigeon Dance Revolt, Extreme Animals (mem. Paper Rad), and Knife City (mem. Anamanaguchi).

Doors open at Future Babycastles in Williamsburg, 285 Kent between South 2nd & Sound 1st, at 6pm. The show is open to all ages.  There’s a cover charge of $5 for early attendees but a $10 charge for those coming after 7pm.