Congratulations to the 2024 Alfred P Sloan Grant award winning team Bloomsome!

Bloomsome is a 2D, story-rich floral makeover puzzle game that contrasts artificial, toxic beauty standards with healthy and positive natural beauty. Players engage in shaping the anatomical structures of floral characters for various purposes, creating a playful experience that challenges societal norms and embraces authenticity.

Bloomsome Team:
Alice Yu (Artist, Designer)
Ruofu Sun (Programmer, Designer)

From the team:

The prologue demo of Bloomsome was born and delivered during the cold winter holiday of 2024 when the two developers behind had been burning their passion for the Just Play game jam themed on Justice. “A lot of times we feel as powerless heroes facing the gigantic monsters that exist in all kinds of societal systems, but we have to do something, as simple as burying a seed and keep nurturing it can potentially grow a vast forest to protect all the good and fairness.” 

Game website: Bloomsome by Alice / Aly, Ruofu Sun (

About the Alfred P. Sloan Grant

Beginning in 2016, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Public Understanding of Science, Technology & Economics program has awarded a yearly grant to fund game development at the NYU Game Center. Students who are making games that portray science & technology with originality and insight are connected with scientists early in their development process. Over the course of the year, the students work with the scientists to integrate the subject matter and the games. After graduation, students can apply for a grant that gives one game resources to develop and launch the game to the public.