Semester(s) Offered: Spring
Credits: 8
Course Call Number: GAMES-GT 1002
Prerequisite(s): Thesis I

Thesis 2 has a flexible structure and this syllabus may change as the semester proceeds and we adjust things in order to make a better class experience. The success of this class depends on student participation – we want to hear from you about how to make Thesis class more beneficial for your project. We are flexible but we also need to be aware if there are needs that are not being catered to. We understand that the thesis projects are quite varied. Some are individual efforts, others are team projects; different projects experiment with form, content, or technology. We are sensitive to these differences and to adjusting class time and requirements to make them appropriate for each project. Therefore throughout the syllabus we’ll be to projects, rather than individual students.

This course aims to:
1) Give students time to work on their thesis project.
2) Provide support structures to ensure that projects proceed smoothly.
3) Facilitate playtesting, discussion, critique and feedback.
4) Get feedback on works on progress and get help to solve problems as they arise.
5) Prepare final documentation for projects and strategize about how to present them in the student show and what life they may have after the semester ends.