On March 13th, seven game design finalists were awarded a total of $150,000  at the Independent Propeller Awards. The NYU Game Center would like to congratulate Robin Arnott for receiving the Intel Innovation Award for his ‘No Quarter’ game, Deep Sea!  Deep Sea is an audio-only game, where players lose their vision and hearing and are plunged into a world of blackness occupied only by the sound of their own breathing and the rumbles made by unseen terrors. Using this mechanic, Arnott was able to create a fully immersive experience that projects the player identity into the game space in a unique and powerful way. You can find more of Robin’s work on this site, wraughk or keep up with him on twitter @VideoDreaming.

As the Second Annual No Quarter Exhibition for Games closes in, we’re excited to see where new games by Terry CavanaghRamiro Corbetta, and Charley Miller, as well as Clock by Luke O’ Conner will go! Join us May 12th for the opening of our Second Annual No Quarter Exhibition! For more information about the event, click here.