On Wednesday, May 3rd, Willoughby Street will be closed off for an NYU takeover! Come enjoy some nice spring weather and check out the NYU Game Center Parkade – a board game lounge and arcade taking place in car parking spots. We’ll be showcasing alongside performances from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and interactive projects from ITP / IMA. Plus, this outdoor event will be fully open to the public!

Come play 7 games created at the NYU Game Center throughout the 2022 – 2023 year! Here’s the lineup:

Project CTHD
Blaer Zhang
A Chinese martial-arts-like 2D physics joust game, and also a tribute to the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Survivors Kill
Jayde Zhou, Jenny Wang, David Fang
A Kill & Rob role-playing board game with strategical element building and competitive player interaction with AI-empowered aesthetic design.

Wrath of the Volcano God
Kimya Taheri, Mia Hellman, Ben Hecker, Youyang Xu, Crisen Li, and Qiqi Chen
A fast-paced 2-6 player survival game about harnessing the power of the Volcano God and enduring the attacks of those who become the god! Be the last player standing to win – by any and ALL means necessary.

Cheat Sheet
Lee McGirr, TJ Spalty, Akshay Bharadhwaj
Cheat Sheet is a social deduction card game that takes the players back to High School English classes. Let’s be honest none of us really did our English Class readings but unlike the SLACKER everyone else brought their cheatsheets!

Josh Hirshfield, Swathi Sambasivam, Phil Robibero, Diganta Ghorai
SuperBloom is a competitive tile-placement game in which wildflowers grow and compete with each other, as butterflies you need to try and predict which plants will grow the most so you can gain points.

A Peaceful Campaign
Priscilla Xu, Yalin Zhang, Linke Huang
An asymmetrical card game about deck management and social deduction.

Good Grief
Nyusha Iampolski
A small collection of reflective exercises about death and dying, to be played at specific moments between a living person and their passing loved one. Initially for 2 players… then, for 1.