The NYU Game Center is proud to announce the 8th annual No Quarter Exhibition. Each year we commission four new games from four artists — our mission is to help nurture game design for public spaces and to support unique and bold voices in the game design community. Please join us on November 3rd at the Starr Space Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to celebrate and play these ground-breaking games specially designed for the event.

No Quarter is always free and open to the public. RSVP here:

Check out highlights the past eight years of No Quarter:


For 8 years now, the No Quarter Exhibition has been paying game designers to make the games they want to make, and then throwing them a big fun party to celebrate and amplify their unique voices. We claim no ownership over the resulting work — we just want these artists to speak their mind, and so we give them space and support to do that. We think it’s a pretty great deal for them, but we also get a lot out of it: their act of creation, and our shared acts of play, help strengthen our communities.

Now, we do all this at a time when many people think we should isolate ourselves from the rest of the world — but we know that’s a very destructive attitude. It’s so destructive that, for the first time in the history of No Quarter, we are temporarily suppressing our vocal and insufferable belief in our city’s exceptionalism: this year, we are commissioning only artists based outside of New York City. We believe a wider diversity of backgrounds and identities can only enrich our understanding of art and community… oh, and it helps us make better games too.

Please join us in November to celebrate and witness exciting new games by our selection of artists:

Auriea Harvey

Auriea Harvey is half of Tale of Tales, Belgium. She is known for her design, art direction and 3d artwork on videogames such as The Path, The Endless Forest, and Sunset. Currently she makes paintings, sculpture, and VR at their studio in Ghent.



Droqen (Alexander Martin)

Five years ago, Droqen unleashed Starseed Pilgrim upon the world: an unforgiving journey that left half of its players lost and disillusioned. It was nominated for a few awards. Today, Droqen is an independent game developer and one quarter of the Gloam Collective. He continues working very hard to evoke feelings that were uninvited and will go unloved.

Kitty Horrorshow

Kitty Horrorshow is an independent game developer whose work focuses on ambiance, architecture, horror, dread, wonder, scale, and the uncanny.  She is most known for her celebrated horror game ANATOMY, but is best known as the shape a murder of crows takes as it twists its way over an empty field.

Pietro Righi Riva

Italian designer, artist, and academic. With indie game studio Santa Ragione, he created “Escape From The Aliens In Outer Space”, “FOTONICA”, “MirrorMoon EP”, and “Wheels of Aurelia”. His work was displayed at the Venice Biennale and the MCA in Chicago. In 2016, Pietro published a manifesto for nontraditional playable media called “rejecta”