people playing games at the brooklyn brewery

The NYU Game Center and the Brooklyn Brewery invite you to join us on Thursday, 2/6 for an evening of beers and games! Try your hand at the most exciting and innovative new games made by NYU Game Center students and alumni, paired with the latest flavors from the Tasting Room’s taps.

Past nights have featured games about giving monsters haircuts in virtual reality, saving the local theater from a demon, falling in (and out) of love over text, and escaping a research facility as an angry ape, just to name a few. Expect more of the unexpected!

All folks over 21 are welcome- no previous experience with games is required to enjoy. No reservations necessary.

Featured games include:

Damaged In Transit!

Split your attention in Damaged In Transit! This mind-bending action-puzzler will leave you cross-eyed as you juggle two delivery drones and help them ship their precious cargo. Embrace the miracle of automated delivery! Pick up Damaged in Transit on Stream today!

Red Planet Farming

Red Planet Farming is a science-based strategy that puts players in the shoes of the first Agricultural Director of Mars. More information here.


CHRONO is a two-player platform-fighter splattered with neon, kinetic movement, and just a sprinkle of bullet time. Get CHRONO on Steam here.

No Honor Among Thieves

No Honor Among Thieves is a social board game about robberies, and what happens after. Players need to play both strategically and boldly to beat others to be the richest thief in the game!