Join us on Thursday, November 19th for a deep dive into the recently released game Churchill, a political conflict of cooperation and competition. Designer Mark Herman will be here to discuss the evolution of the Churchill design and his approaches to multiplayer game design.

pic84336In Churchill, the players in the game take on the roles of Churchill, Roosevelt, or Stalin as they maneuver against each over the course of 10 Conferences that determine who will lead the Allied forces, where those forces will be deployed, and how the Axis will be defeated. The player whose forces collectively have greater control over the surrendered Axis powers will win the peace and the game.

Mark Herman is a professional Wargame designer and member of the industry Hall of Fame. Many of his designs have won Game of the Year to include S.P.Q.R. , For The People, Empire of the Sun, and The Great Battles of History. Check out Mark’s extensive body of work here.

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