In this talk, Paris-based designer Gabriel Fontana will discuss how he reinvents team sports from a queer and feminist perspective. At a time of significant division, Gabriel’s approach effectively uses design to influence our interactions. The aim of his work is to provide people with a playful means to understand the prevalent norms of identity, community, and inclusion, and how they might be changed. He employs sports as a metaphor, where the common practice of playing ‘against each other’ is the norm.Gabriel’s initiatives touch multiple segments of society, from education and culture to the sports industry. He will share his experiences from developing “Multiform” for Rotterdam-based schools in 2020—an alternative team sport game that deconstructs group dynamics and encourages empathy. Recently, he also collaborated with Nike to empower their designers, equipping them with essential tools to challenge existing biases and promote more inclusive approaches to sports design.

For internal NYU students only! No RSVP necessary, just arrive in co-working space 640 before 12:00pm!