The Gotham Go Tournament has been the premier Go event in NYC for the past decade and is an American Go Association rated tournament. This year’s tournament – usually known for the large field of strong players, tasty treats, and generous & unique prizes – is expected to be the largest yet.

The Gotham Go Group was founded in 2011 by Peter Armenia after he relocated to New York City. At the time there was no regular weekly Go meeting in New York City (smokey Korean and Chinese clubs notwithstanding) so he created one right around the corner at the storied Hungarian Pastry Shop.

Since then Gotham Go has revived go in NYC, held numerous tournaments, brought the US Go Congress to Manhattan, introduced Go to countless folks, appeared in The Surrounding Game movie, awarded some of the coolest prizes in the Go world, spawned other go get togethers in the city, and survived the darkest days of the Covid19 pandemic meeting outside during the winter of 20/21.

Come compete in the 2023 Gotham Go Tournament!