The NYU Game Center is sponsoring the 2021 IGDA Conference! is a celebration of and collaboration with game developers in the Global South. This conference, in partnership with MeetToMatch, aims to elevate and give a platform to otherwise marginalized voices, breaking down the barriers that currently exist, and making opportunities accessible for everyone. This three-day online conference taking place 10 – 12 November, 2021, will touch on development practices, culture, heritage, diaspora and decolonization with developers and the community, presented by speakers from the Global South.

The NYU Game Center will have a virtual booth at the conference, so if you want to chat with staff about the Masters or Bachelors in Game Design programs, our Incubator, or events, virtually stop-by and say hi!

This event will be streamed by the IGDA on Twitch, and can be accessed on MeetToMatch. This event is FREE for game developers (registration required) and $150 USD for all publishers and third parties.

More info here!