Lucidian is a mega-game crafted for an educational context, creating an experience that gives players insights about teamwork, leadership, communication—and themselves.


During Lucidian, space-mining teams race the clock, under demanding and shifting conditions, in an effort to gather enough precious material to save their endangered colonies

Players on each team take on different roles:

  • The NAVIGATOR, piloting the team’s rigs across a danger-filled asteroid, making quick decisions with input from teammates
  • The ENGINEER, working hands-on to assemble materials and build devices, scrambling to level-up the team’s mining rigs
  • The ANALYST, interpreting cryptic data to detect hidden patterns, guiding choices on what areas to mine and avoid
  • The COUNCILOR, engaging in diplomacy, persuasion, and coalition-building with other teams; advancing collective actions
  • The LEADER, coordinating across teammates; charting big picture strategy, including how/when to use their team’s powerful unique abilities

Over roughly three hours, 30+ players cycle between huddles with teammates and action at their respective stations alongside players from other teams

As the clock counts down, new twists emerge. Some teams form collaborative alliances. Others may focus, ruthlessly, on their own interests

You might reasonably be thinking, “Ok, but is it any fun?” Lucidian was designed to create a provocative learning experience as part of a larger course on teamwork. The game aims to produce teamwork challengeces, with highs and lows, cheers of joy and howls of frustration, not simply to be fun. That said, players who appreciate engaging in these challenges often find the experience fun–sometimes incredibly fun.