Discover a whole new side of actor’s craft in this summer’s second Master Class with Jennifer Hale. What does it take to anchor a video game? How should actors prepare for video game characters? How should designers and directors work with voice actors? Dive into all this and more with the voice of Mass Effect’s Female Commader Shepard, Metal Gear Solid‘s Naomi Hunter, Bioshock Infinite‘s Rosalind Lutece, and over a hundred twenty other video games characters in this Voice Acting for Video Games workshop!

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What the workshop will cover:

  • Creating a structure for each actor that works with their strengths, and that they can build on as they continue to learn and expand.
  • Character development specific to video games
  • Cold reading. Very cold. This is how most games happen right now.
  • Mic technique and the basics of performance capture.

Who will benefit?

  • Actors who want to work in video games
  • Designers/directors who want to work with actors
  • Writers who want to understand the actors process

Workshop will run 10AM – 6PM Saturday and Sunday, with a one hour lunch break. Attendees will be asked to bring in one paragraph of game copy that they have prepared to perform behind the microphone.

Jennifer Hale has been in over one hundred thirty video games, including BioShock Infinite, the Metal Gear series, Mass Effect, Diablo III, The Powerpuff Girls, Tales of Symphonia, Knights of the Old Republic, and many more. The New Yorker referred to her as “a kind of Meryl Streep of the form”, and Guinness World Records named her “the most prolific female video game voice actor” in 2013.


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