The creator of Tunic is visiting the NYU Game Center!

Andrew Shouldice is the independent developer and sole visionary behind the action-adventure game, Tunic, wherein you play a fox exploring a sprawling, isometric fantasy world, lovingly nostalgic in both its style and structure. Andrew will be talking about his “hidden in plain sight” design approach to Tunic, outlining the personal philosophies and motivations behind its development. Join us to hear about how he achieved in Tunic the specific, universal feeling from the early days of our youth, learning to play video games for the first time – reading their inscrutable instruction manuals, mastering their ever-deepening mechanics, discovering and unravelling their multi-layered secrets – and other types of knowledge-related joy that games are able to offer us.

This event will be IN-PERSON ONLY and open to the public!

External guests should fill out this form here for access to 370 Jay Street for this talk: