Play the future of games! 

Our annual showcase highlights the daring and innovative work of the graduate and undergraduate students of the NYU Game Center. Check out over sixty projects ranging from four-week non-digital design assignments to year-long thesis and capstone work. We’re thrilled to welcome you back in-person to play these incredible games and explore our new home at 370 Jay Street! 

Games that first debuted at our annual Showcase have gone on to critical and commercial success, winning major awards, showing in festivals all over the world, and launching on console, PC, and mobile. Be the first to play this exciting cohort of games!

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This year, we’ll also be hosting an online Twitch Show on Monday evening, May 16, featuring a selection of MFA Thesis and BFA Capstone games. For more info on the Twitch Show, head to this page.

Showcase poster illustration by Rebekka Dunlap. Find more of her incredible work here.

RSVP Is Required

This show is open to the public! Due to NYU COVID-19 health and safety protocols, RSVP for all non-NYU guests is required, and walk-ins will not be permitted to enter the Showcase. RSVPs will close the night before the Showcase on Thursday, May 19 at 11:59pm. RSVP for the Showcase here.

If you are a current NYU student, faculty, adjunct, or staff member who took classes or worked at the University in Spring 2022: You do not need to RSVP or complete this form (you are automatically on the guest list). You may complete the RSVP form on behalf of family, friends, guests, etc. Please list the names of all guests on the form.

If you are a NYU Game Center/NYU alumni, past adjunct/faculty/staff (including Fall 2021), family member, friend, and/or guest: Please use the RSVP form below to confirm information for your entire party.

In order to attend, you must be fully vaccinated, boosted, and 12 years of age or older. You’ll need to show proof of vaccination as well as a photo ID at the door. Full information about accepted vaccines and identification located below.


Additional COVID-19 Policies


Masks will be required for the duration of the Showcase. Please bring your own mask. 

NYU recommends a KN95 mask or similar. Cloth masks are allowed but must be layered with a standard surgical mask. 


There will be no food and drink at the NYU Game Center Showcase 2022. Outside food and drink will not be permitted — do not bring in outside food or drink. 

If you bring a water bottle or similar beverage, quick sips are okay! Please only remove your mask to take a quick sip. 


Under NYU’s COVID-19 protocols, all guests must comply with the university’s COVID-19 vaccination policy.  Please review the below access requirements before attending the Showcase.

You must be up to date with your COVID-19 vaccination (including getting the booster when eligible) with an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed COVID-19 vaccine listed below. This proof of vaccination must be shown at the building entry along with official photo identification. Name and date of birth MUST match what is on the proof of vaccination.

Vaccines that are FDA-authorized or WHO-listed:
CoronaVac (Manufactured by Sinovac)
Covaxin (Manufactured by Bharat Biotech)
Covisheild (Manufactured by Serum Institute of India)
Covovax (Manufactured by Serum Institute of India)
Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen
Nuvaxoid (Manufactured by Novavax)
Vaxzevria (Manufactured by AstraZeneca-Oxford)

Acceptable forms of vaccination documentation include:
CDC Vaccination Card(s)
Excelsior Pass Plus (Excelsior Pass is not accepted)
Official documentation from a city or government registry, public health authority, health care provider or online patient chart (generally indicated by a logo, seal, stamp or signature)

Please note that this documentation must be in English and include:
Birth date
Vaccine name or manufacturer
Date of doses

Please note the following:
Exemption requests cannot be made at the door.

Test results are not acceptable as an alternative to proof of vaccination and will not be accepted at the door.

Excelsior Pass Plus may be used but individuals using this for proof of vaccination MUST present the “Vaccination Details” screen to show name, birth date, vaccine name and doses.

This process is not applicable to children under 12 years of age.

All guests being screened by this process must have a reservation to attend a performance and be on a list created in advance. No walk-up admission will be possible for those not already on a list provided to the screener by each department.

As a visitor at an NYU-sponsored activity, please be aware that you must restrict your campus access to the activity in question; visitors may not visit other campus locations outside of the NYU Game Center Showcase 2022 (including student residence halls). It would be appreciated if all visitors depart NYU facilities as quickly as possible following the Showcase. 

If you have any questions about your access requirements, please reach out 

Featured Games

Explore all of the digital games at the NYU Game Center Showcase 2022 in our collection:


Aporias! by d.h. croasdill, Jen Bourke  
Half Billion Knots by Julian Spinelli
HamstAR by The Hamster Company – Francys Dong, Jumo Yang, Kelly Wang
Jasmine hard to say why by Gurn Group 
Learn Magic, Please! by Laura Reyes, Dylan Cruz
Limited Impression About Rebecca by Yangying Ren, Baihui Wen, Gareth Mattey, Simi Bal, Lilly Yao
Palette by Yanxi Wang, Nate Liu
Ponch: Cyberspace Investigator by Jude Pinto, Jay Guisao, Kaitlin McLain
pondlife: discone (a videogame) by pondlife – ty cobb, mut moochi, ali lim, Francisco “Mo” Osvaldo Rojo-Ilvento
Seas of Sand by Sam Sorensen
Sound & Shoal by George Still
Third Brain by Ina Joe
Untitle Research Paper About Games Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa by Nchima Kapoma
Watan by Walid Raouda, Beau McGhee
With Flowers Comes Dance by Alessia Ianni-Palarchio


BL-1P by Taylor Bruce, Robert Chen, with music by Jude Shih
Bloom Room by Elizabeth Yuan, Rowan Wood, Uti Azulay
Brette and the UnRead by Luna Wu with music by Thunder/Banana, voice acting by Tina Qiu
Bunnisland by Frank Zhang, Jacquelyn Zhang
Cowboy Clay by Jordan Resin, Michael Poltronieri Tang, Chad Schoenberg
Epitaph 1997 by Team Meteorologists Cooper Yang, Ivory Xu, Lynn Jiang, Alex Guo, Harry Gao, Hank Feng, James Yuan, Xinyue Zhang
frog golf by team bumblefriction – ethan z, stephanie f, euris a, matthew z
Genome by Abigail Yaffe, Jordan Grayson, Andrew Divittorio, Isaac Schankler
Greetings from Florida by Floridians – Masaya Heywood, Kaz Li, Cathy Zhang
Holder of Place by Claire Wang, Jamie Zhang, Zitta
IGNISTONE by Taiyo Baniecki
Kinship by GopherCoreNate Smith, Finn Carney, Alekai McAdam, Zachary Stephens, Axel Kazis-Taylor, Eliot Eisner, Asha Berry, Morhan Yang, Nancy Wang
Lockdown by Hongke Luo, Wuji Cao, Bryan Leng, Skye Cao, Eris Li, Jackie Xing, Vivian Chen, Kerby Neo, John Baggetta, Chris Paraggio, Tianchen Peng
Ritual Night by Outfox GamesAllison Chen, John Eblahan, Mike Zhang, Peter Seo, Steve Hu
Seraph’s Sky by Nick Chirico, Raymond Lothian, TR Theologides Rodriguez, Raveena Panja, Logan Kornota, Coby Hilelly
Skewer Hunter by Yuanhao (Leo) Wang, Angran (Jason) Xu
Split Seas II by Luke Lin, Jordan Grayson, Joseph Gordesky
Star Ring by Meow Bunny Studio – David Liao, Leo Ji, Arnee Wen, Duan Yichen
Vanishing Point  by Andrew DiVittorio, Drew Caines, Gabrielle Dias, Justin Vo, Sam Blake, Santiago Fernandez, Sawyer Smith, and Siena Sockel, with help from Adi Dahlke, Donovan Robinson, Gabe Grow, Jeff Atwood, McKenzie Atwood
What Comes Before by Arcade Therapists & Afterlife Pirates – Brydon Yao, Cara Outar, Geneva Heyward, Miles Rosenthal, Philip Park, Ronojoy Mitra

Additional games featured at the Showcase will include digital, non-digital, and performance selections from our Game Design, Studio 2 & Major Studio, Board Game Design, Spreadsheets for Game Designers, Narrative Studio, and Theater Games by developers in graduate and undergraduate classes of 2023, 2024, and 2025.

Join us on Friday, May 20!

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