Playtest Thursday is happening all summer long! Join us every Thursday from 5-7PM for NYC’s best weekly playtesting event that features free pizza.

I see this in emails a lot but what IS Playtest Thursday?
Playtest Thursday is a casual feedback session for games. We invite students, game devs, game enthusiasts, and everyone else to come and play and critique each other’s work-in-progress games. Everyone sets their games up in the open spaces on our floor, plays and gives feedback, and enjoys some free pizza.

This summer, our 2016 Incubator games will be playable at every Playtest Thursday and looking for feedback!

How do I get in on this?
Just show up! All you need to do is arrive anytime between 5-7PM and bring anything you need to run your game or just yourself. You’ll see open tables and playtesters, so just grab a spot and set-up. Or just walk around and start playing! Game Center staff is around to help as well. No sign-ups necessary.

Is Playtest Thursday a cool, refreshing treat in the summer?
Yes, it is.