Join us on Saturday, May 4th for Spring Fighter, the NYU Game Center’s annual celebration of fighting games. This year will be the tenth, and last, Spring Fighter.

In addition to tournaments in multiple fighting games, each year we host an interview with someone from the world of Street Fighter. We’ve had Daigo Umehara (famous for this), Justin Wong (whose perfect defense made Umehara’s instantaneous, pluperfect response to it both necessary and possible). We’ve heard about being a transgender athlete, about lying to parents to take a bus from New York to California to play Street Fighter, and about driving a U-Haul full of arcade cabinets through the night to Las Vegas to make a tournament happen.

After multiple years of interviewing fighting game players at Spring Fighter, Seth Killian is now being interviewed himself. Killian is a fighting game player, designer, commentator, and community organizer, whose massive contribution to fighting games has made him the namesake for two different boss characters (Seth in Street Fighter IV & S-Kill in Divekick). NYU Game Center Professor Charles Pratt will sit down with Seth to hear about his early days playing Street Fighter for cash, his time at Capcom balancing Street Fighter IV, what it’s like to do commentary for history-making Evo Championship matches, and his recent work designing games at Sony Santa Monica, Radiant Entertainment, and Riot Games. Join us to hear from a legend in fighting games on what it’s like turn the game that you love into a career fostering a worldwide community.

This year we’ll be hosting tournaments in:

Street Fighter V
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Tekken 7


We’ll also be featuring side tournament in Punch Planet, a fighting game hit from some local NYC devs, as well as some brand new competitive games from NYU Game Center students!

Spectators are welcome, and you can also join just for the interview! Registration for the tournament is sold out, but we’ll have stand-by spots available starting at 11AM on May 4.

Tournament Schedule:
11:00AM: Player Check-in Begins
12:00PM: Pool As Start
2:00PM: Pool Bs Start
4:00PM: Tekken 7 Top 4
5:00PM: Dragon Ball Fighter Z Top 4
6:00PM: Conversation with Seth Killian
8:00PM: Street Fighter V Top 8


We’d like to thank Arturo Sanchez for returning to stream and commentate our FGC games again this year. On May 4th, you can watch the Spring Fighter 2019 here:


Register here!