How do I get an internship?

What do game companies want to see in a job applicant?
Should I start my own company or work for someone else?
Can I really make a living making games?

At Strategy Guide, a panel of game industry veterans and recent Game Center graduates will answer these questions and whatever else you want to learn about the industry. This session is designed for current students looking for a job or internship, as well as students and members of the public who are early in their careers in the games industry.

Join us for networking, including opportunities to meet with local game companies as well as one-on-one conversations with developers working at local studios, indie developers, and recent graduates about your resumes, portfolios, and career advice.

For the second year, Strategy Guide will co-hosted with the NYC IGDA, making the evening even better with resume reviews, portfolio reviews, mock interviews, and one-on-one discussions with experts in the game industry.