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Greg Heffernan
Courses taught:
- Independent Study: Creating a Large-Scale DIY Multiplayer Space
- Intermediate Game Development

Greg, aka ‘Cosmo D,’ teaches Game Development at NYU Game Center. His background is in instrumental performance (cello), audio engineering and composition, and he’s been making his own games since 2013. His most recent game, Tales From Off-Peak City Vol.1, was an IGF Finalist in the Nuovo category in 2020. His previous game, The Norwood Suite, won the Best Longform Game category at Berlin’s A.Maze festival, and is considered one of Rock Paper Shotgun’s 50 best games of the 2010s.

Cosmo D’s games are atmospheric and dreamlike and his work puts a premium on creativity, agency, mystery, and music. He’s also an avid board-gamer, a tabletop RPGer and dogged Unity troubleshooter.

Find more of Greg’s work here.