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Naomi Clark
Courses taught:
- Introduction to Narrative Design
- Intermediate Game Design
- Introduction to Game Design
- Game Design II
- Game Design I
- Games 101

Naomi Clark is a game designer, teacher, and scholar who has been making games since 1999. She has contributed to over three dozen titles in various roles, including designer, producer, artist, writer, and programmer. Naomi’s experience spans from developing games for well-known companies such as LEGO to smaller-scale independent and experimental work.

In addition to her industry experience, Naomi is also a games scholar. She has co-authored two recent books about games. Microcultures: Gaming is an exploration of the history and culture of gaming written for middle schoolers and A Game Design Vocabulary is a textbook that provides a conceptual framework for game analysis and creation. She has given numerous talks at major conferences, such as the Queerness in Games Conference, PRACTICE, Indiecade, Indiecade East, Games for Change and DiGRA.

Naomi has been an active member of our community for some time. Over the past few years, she has served as an adjunct professor, Incubator advisor, and a contributor to the development of our brand new undergraduate curriculum. For our 2014 No Quarter exhibition, she created Consentacle, a cooperative card game that has generated a lot of interest for the innovative way it uses gameplay to explore complex themes of sexuality and consent.

Prior to this appointment, Naomi has honed her skill as an educator on an undergraduate and graduate level here at NYU, as well as the New York Film Academy, Parsons: the New School for Design, and the School of Visual Arts. She is enthusiastic about helping students develop their unique creative vision through the arts education model utilized at the NYU Game Center.