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Every Monday we send a message about the happenings at the Game Center and across NYC. We host lectures, game jams, workshops, playtesting events, and much more. The mailing list is the best way to stay informed about the Game Center. Our events often sell out, joining the mailing list will give you first notice!

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NYU Game Development Group

This NYU Game Dev is a forum for NYU students interested in game development. On this list our students locate collaborators, talk about their projects, and most importantly have access to an exclusive list of job positions and internships. This list is only for NYU students, so you must use your address to register for this group. NYU Students, sign up here.


Our Twitter is a must-follow for anyone interested in games in NYC! We’ll alert you to events happening in the area, point you to interesting games to play, suggest new folks to follow, and keep you informed on what’s happening in game culture. Follow us here.


There’s so much happening in NYC about games it’s hard to keep it all in one place! Our Facebook page points to other organizations hosting events, student-focused updates from the Game Center, as well as updates on in-progress student work. We welcome you to join our community online! Get in touch with us on Facebook!


We film all of our lectures in high quality and post them on our Vimeo page. Here you can watch the prestigious Game Center Lecture Series, deep dives into game design from PRACTICE: Game Design in Detail conference, talks by up-and-coming developers, visiting academics, and much more. There are nearly 100 videos on this page, that’s hours of free entertaining and educational videos about games! Check our collection of videos on Vimeo.


If you can’t be here in person to play the amazing work our students are making, you can still visit our Tumblr for a taste of the games we’re making. You’ll also find beautifully illustrated posters, updates from MFA thesis development blogs, and other links from game culture on Tumblr. Follow us on Tumblr!

Kickstarter Curated Page

An important part of the Game Center’s mission is bolstering the NYC game development community. On our Kickstarter page you’ll find a collection of projects we find promising, impressive, or just interesting. Faculty games, student and graduate work, plus a mix a projects we feel shares our mission to push games in new directions. Support the future of Games, check out the projects on our Kickstarter!


Come see what it looks like to study with us! Here you’ll find photos from our classes and events as well as a record of all the illustrations made for Lecture Series Posters. Visit our Flickr here.