It’s a busy week for events here at the Game Center!  Strategies for landing on your feet in the game industry, expert introduction to Dominon, another amazing speaker at the Lecture Series, and cap it off with a
game jam at NYU Poly this weekend.  We hope to see you here this week!

Click below for an expanded view and full event details for each night.

1. Tuesday, 7PM | Breaking into the Game Industry Panel

2. Wednesday, 6PM | Dominion Night

3. Thursday, 7PM | Lecture Series: Mary Flanagan

4. Thursday, 7PM | Games in Engineering: Research Grand Challenges

5. Friday, 6PM | Sifteo Game Jam

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1. Tuesday, 7PM, 9th Floor Lobby | Breaking into the Game Industry Panel

How do I get an internship?
What do game companies want to see in a job applicant?
Should I start my own company or work for someone else?
Can I really make a living making games?

At Breaking In, a panel of game industry veterans and recent Game Center graduates will answer these questions and whatever else you want to throw at them. This session is designed for current students looking for an internship, as well as students who are graduating soon and are considering the game industry as a career. Join us for a rapid-fire discussion and open-ended Q&A about getting a job in games.

Featured panelists:
– Nicole Leffel, Former Game Center student, Game Designer & Community Manager at Universal Games Network
– Rob Meyer, Former Game Center student, Game Designer at Large Animal Games
– Wade Tinney, CEO and game designer at Large Animal Games
– Nik Mikros, Owner & Creative Director, Smashworkx & Tiny Mantis
– Francesco Antolini, Lead Designer at Avalanche Studios

2. Wednesday, 6PM, Game Center Open Library | Dominion Night


NYU Game Center librarian Mehak Khan and Adjunct Professor Jesse Fuchs are teaming up to open up the Game Center’s collection of non-digital games and introduce students to the depth and enjoyment these games offer. Each month for the remainder of the semester, Mehak and Professor Fuchs will pick a game to explore in detail.

This Wednesday, come try out Dominion, an easy and fun game to break into the world of customizable card games (CCGs) with. No prior knowledge of the game is required, and any and all skill levels are welcome. There will be introductory sessions for new players, and casual tournaments for more experienced players.

3. Thursday, 7PM, Room 006 | Mary Flanagan – Hippies, Hackers, & Wargames (A Secret History of War & Peace)


What do Call of Duty and the Parachute playground game have in common?  How did Alan Turning affect computer games?  These phenomena may not be as disparate as they seem.  The 20th century bore witness to opposing yet dominant threads that led to what we know as the indie game movement today.  First was the invention of the computer and the games that emerged as an entertaining byproduct of the military industrial complex.  Second were the physical games from the New Games Movement which brought revolutionary ideas about play and its role in society to the mainstream.

Flanagan will weave the history of computer gaming and the clandestine birth of computer science in with the peaceful play of hippie visionaries who saw games as a means to get in touch with one’s essential humanness. Exploring the complicated relationship between games, war, and peace, Flanagan will draw connections from these historic phenomena and demonstrate their influence the present moment.  How are the radical ideas from computer science and the optimism of generations past being realized in experimental games of today and tomorrow?

This event is free and open to the public.  RSVP required, please sign up here.

4. Thursday 7PM, NYU Poly Game Innovation Lab | Games in Engineering: Research Grand Challenges

Digital games are a broadly established mass entertainment and cultural form, both attacked and lauded for their influence in our everyday lives. Less known is that games have been an important driver in ground-breaking Computer Science and Engineering research. Please join us for this panel discussion of digital game-related research in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Cognition/Perception, and Human Computer Interaction, with leaders in the field from these domains.

Speakers will be Michael Mateas, Director of the Center for Games and Playable Media and Professor of Computer Science at the University of California Santa Cruz, Katherine Isbister, Director of the Game Innovation Lab at NYU-Poly and Associate Professor jointly appointed between the NYU Game Center and the NYU-Poly Computer Science & Engineering Department, and Andy Nealen, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at NYU-Poly.

5. Friday 6PM, NYU Poly Game Innovation Lab | Sifteo Game Jam

Sifteo Cubes are a magical new interactive game system built on the timeless play patterns of legos, building blocks, and domino tiles. Tilt, flip, shake, neighbor, press! Sifteo Cubes communicate wirelessly and respond to each other and your gestures. Create games that challenge and delight, exploring new ways to create interactive games!

Sifeo’s hardware will be available at the jam site, as well as direct online support from Sifteo developers.

The game judged to have the “Best Use of Sifteo Cubes,” will receive a 50% Off Discount Code for a 3-Cube Set, plus a Sifteo Shirt for each team member. Team members will also be offered the opportunity to interview for an internship with Sifteoin San Francisco.

The Jam starts March 15th at 6PM and continues for 48 hours!

Friday: 6pm – 10pm with kickoff presentation from Sifteo

Saturday: Doors Open 11AM, Developer support available 1-3PM, Doors close 8PM

Sunday: Doors Open 11AM, Developer support available 1-3PM, Presentations from 6:30pm – 8:00pm.

RSVP Required: