Diego Garcia is one of the 19 students currently enrolled in our MFA program, and his portfolio contains a gem that we wanted to share with everyone else. Heads Up! Hot Dogs is a iOS game that challenges players to balance hot dogs on the heads of random people as they pass by on the street, produced by Garcia and partner Emmett Butler, with sound from knife city and Space Boyfriend. The game was released with the help of publisher Adult Swim Games.

From the App Store:

“The world’s first and best frankfurter-wearing simulator finally arrives on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! Assembled with the utmost care and attention under the supervision of highly-trained pixel craftsmen, Heads Up! Hot Dogs will tickle your fingertips as well as your taste buds with its rich tapestry of 2D flavors. Ultra-realistic, arcade-perfect visuals, stunning encased-meat sound effects and sizzling Space Age chiptunes combine to provide a culinary experience sure to satisfy even the most demanding gamer appetite.”

The game has received rave reviews across the ‘net, with Modojo calling it, “entertaining and challenging at the same time,” and CVG noting it, “adds a vital streak of silly, oddball fun to the App Store.” The game stands at 4.5/5 on the App Store, with users lauding the addictive gameplay and stellar soundtrack.

You can pick up Heads Up! Hot Dogs in the App Store now for just $0.99.