Over forty-eight hours last weekend, one hundred eighty game makers made over fifty games. The theme this year was the question “What do we do now?” and groups made games about Kickstarter, emojis, broken spaceships, the United Nations, the movie Hear No Evil, See No Evil, and so much more. We had digital games, non-digital games, VR games, and a game for a keyboard covered in peanut butter. At the end of the jam, a group of judges gave out a awards to celebrate the best in design, visuals, audio, and trainwrecks.

Congratulations to all of the following games:

Best Overall
Backer Reward (winner)
Wally n’ Dave’s
Steam Madness

Audience Choice Award
Cuddly Crown Chaos (winner)
Wally n’ Dave’s
Backer Reward
Shia Labeouf Ate My Hands

Best Game Design
Niiwyn (winner)
Insert Game Name
Here’s My Number
On the Edge of Space

Best Non-Digital
Insert Game Name (tie-winner)
Roots (tie-winner)
Brutal Mother

Best Use of Theme
Backer’s Reward (winner)
Do Something

Best Visuals
Sunrise (winner)
Do Something
Here’s My Number
Tiger 9

Best Audio
Tiger 9 (winner)
Road Trip
Backer’s Reward

Best Game Made by a Group of Strangers
tERRORble aSENT (winner)
Punch Punch
Dinosaur Spaceship

Best Use of New/Different/Weird Platform
Puppy Love (winner)
Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde
Steam Madness

Best Trainwreck
Shia Labeouf Ate My Hands (winner)
Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde
Steam Madness

To see all of theses games and more, visit the NYU Game Center GGJ Location site.