Join 280,000 other game makers from 58 countries around the world to make a game January 29-31! The Global Game Jam is a forty eight hour game jam that invites anyone and everyone to come make a game.

The NYU Jam site is annually one of the biggest in the world, and brings together game makers from all over the northeast to experiment with new ideas. People of all skill levels and experiences are welcome!

Ideas that started simple at the NYU GGJ have grown into impressive games! Itay Keren’s 2013 GGJ game Mushroom 11 was recently released on Steam, after being selected for an IGF nomination, IndieCade, and the PAX 10, among other festivals and awards. Nina Freeman and Emmett Butler’s 2014 GGJ game How do you do it? is out now, and was selected for IndieCade as well as nominated for an IGF, among other festivals as well! Make this your year to have a weird, fun, great idea!


How it works: 

On Friday at 6PM, be at the Game Center for the keynote videos and theme announcement (the same kick-off that happens all over the world!). Following the kick-off, folks start to share ideas, form teams, and make games!

The Game Center site will be open Friday 6PM-12AM, Saturday 9AM-12AM, and Sunday 10AM-7PM, and you can come and go as you please. We’ll have coffee, and there’s lots of food located within a short walk from the floor. Our location has tons of non-digital prototyping materials, but any digital hardware you’ll need to bring (laptops, controllers, etc.).

On Sunday at 5PM, everyone exhibits their game, and a team of judges (comprised of NYU Game Center faculty and local indie developers) to give out a few awards that range from “Best Overall Game” to “Most Ambitious Disaster”.

Check out a video from a previous NYU GGJ:

Spend a weekend making a game with us!
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