Indie Tech Talks start the semester with New York-based game developer and member of The SportsFriends Ramiro Corbetta, who will discuss the development of his local multiplayer abstract sports game Hokra. His talk will also focus on transitioning from being a game designer to an all-around game creator as a mostly self-taught programmer.

Corbetta has worked in games since 2004, and was the designer of the 2010 IGF award-winning Glow Artisan for Powerhead Games. He is currently finishing development on his independent game, Hokra.

Indie Tech Talks, a lecture series spotlighting developers and game designers with insights on games and technology, are presented Babycastles & The Game Innovation Lab. The series is hosted by Andy Nealen.

When: Thursday, September 12th, 7 pm
Where: Pfizer Auditorium, Game Innovation Lab at NYU Poly
5 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn NY

This event is free and open to the public.