We know the story: You wanted to start to play League of Legends, but then you had a paper due, you have an early work shift the next morning, and oh man, this game is complicated. We feel your pain.

So we’ve made learning League of Legends easy, simple, and stress-free.

On Tuesday, November 27, the Open Library introduces The League of Learners, an intimate teaching session designed to teach a highly competitive game without the highly competitive attitude. An experienced player will meet with a small group and walkthrough the basics of gameplay and strategy in an open-ended environment where players will have plenty of room to ask questions, discuss, and work through the game together. The session will also include lots of hands on play and time for full matches. No prior knowledge of League of Legends is necessary to participate.

Where: NYU Game Center Open Library, 721 Broadway, Lower Level Lobby

When: 5pm, Tuesday, November 27

Spots are limited, so RSVP now:  www.bit.ly/LeagueofLearners