The NYU Game Center is pleased to announce our first game design Master Class, led by veteran game designer Marc LeBlanc. The class is a two day, hands-on workshop that is open to both NYU students and the general public.

Marc LeBlanc was a founding member of Looking Glass Studios, the game development company responsible for groundbreaking titles like Thief and System Shock. For the last 10 years, Marc has led standing-room only game design workshops at the Game Developers Conference, the largest annual gathering of professional game creators in the world. His widely influential approach to game design, known as Mechanics / Dynamics / Aesthetics or MDA, emphasizes the unique way that games create aesthetic experiences through their properties as dynamic systems.

The Master Class is appropriate for both professional game developers with several years of experience in the industry, as well as students and those just beginning their careers. Exercises will focus on high level game design concepts and best practices, and will result in collaboratively designed, playable games.

This two day workshop will be held at the Game Center on July 30th and 31st from 10AM to 5PM.