Meet the 2017 No Quarter Artists

Each week this month, we’ll feature an interview with one of the four commissioned artists along with a behind the scenes look at their No Quarter game on our Twitter.


Auriea Harvey is half of Tale of Tales, Belgium. She is known for her design, art direction and 3d artwork on videogames such as The Path, The Endless Forest, and Sunset. Currently she makes paintings, sculpture, and VR at their studio in Ghent.

Robert Yang (No Quarter curator): Hey Auriea! What are you making for No Quarter?
Auriea Harvey (Artist): I am making an exploration of the mystery of the Labyrinth, as an ancient idea and as a transcendent sacred path.

What’s your process? How does it feel to work on it?
I feel a bit like half a person, I usually make games with Michael my partner in Tale of Tales. Consequently the piece will have an unfinished feel, at least it will to me. Indeed, this was a challenge for me, but a welcome one. A fun opportunity to examine my thoughts about this subject matter which is important to other things we are working on, but in this context I tried a lot of different techniques I may or may not integrate into the bigger project. And I got to task myself: to make strange VR for a large group of people to experience during a party!

Do you have any favorite No Quarter games from the past?
I’ve played Sixteen Tons by Natalie Pozzi and Eric Zimmerman and love their integration of politics, physical architecture, and play. I love the sound of Holly Gramazio’s Drawing Games too.

After No Quarter, are you staying around in NYC for a bit? If so, what would you like to do / what are you looking forward to doing or seeing?
I used to live in NYC, so will be visiting with old friends and taking a trip to The Met. It will be a very short trip for me this year unfortunately, I have to fly back to Rome

Thanks for your time! Can’t wait to walk your labyrinth!

Auriea is currently making an immersive VR experience called “Minorinth” (working title) for No Quarter. To follow her progress, you can follow her on Twitter or visit her site.

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