The night of Friday, May 18 saw the Game Center playing host to the 3rd Annual No Quarter exhibition. With four commissioned games (two videogames, two non-digital games), one featured game, an open bar and lots of snacks, the night was a lively one. If you weren’t able to make it out, these articles have got you covered┬áNo Quarter saw plenty of written and video coverage, and we’ve gathered links to some of that coverage here.

Evan Narcisse of Kotaku recorded interviews with some of the designers behind the games at No Quarter, accompanied with short write-ups, while Josh Kopstein over at The Verge shot a more general video and wrote a longer piece on the exhibition itself. From Critical Gaming to Kotaku, The Verge to Tomasu, No Quarter saw plenty of coverage in the weeks following (and, in one case, the weeks prior). If you know of any other articles or videos on No Quarter, share them in the comments!

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