just cause 4 getting over it with bennett foddy easter egg

Congratulations to Avalanche Studios’ NYC office on the release of Just Cause 4! Avalanche has long been a sponsor of the games industry in New York, and the Game Center in particular, sponsoring our event series for many years. Since 2011, they’ve made a home for AAA game development in NYC and we’re excited to support the release of the latest entry in the Just Cause series! The game is available on PS4, Windows, and Xbox360.

Several NYU alumni work on the Just Cause 4 team at Avalanche, including Rob Meyer, who co-created an easter egg about one of our faculty’s games. If you locate a conspicuous cauldron and hammer in the mountains of the Just Cause world, the camera perspective changes and you’re suddenly playing Getting Over it With Bennett Foddy, complete with original voiceover work from Professor Foddy himself.

NYC is a great place to make games- open-world action games, trash-world climbing simulators, and even trash-world climbing simulators inside open-world action games!