On May 6th, starting at 5pm, the NYU Game Center will be hosting a reception for No Quarter: An Exhibition of Games.

No Quarter consists of four games that explore the possibilities for social play in real-world environments, to imagine a new arcade that generates complex, surprising, and playful interactions in the public setting of a gallery space.

Three of the games were commissioned specifically for the exhibit:

Nidhogg is a two player competitive game by independent game designer Mark ‘messhof’ Essen that combines swashbuckling swordplay with 8-bit psychedelia.

Deep Sea is a graphics-free, audio-only game about the terrors of deep sea diving by sound designer Robin Arnott.

Recurse is a manic game of twisting bodies, quick reactions, and physical feedback by game designer Matt Parker.

The exhibition will also feature 16 Tons, a four-player game of strategy and negotiation by the team of Game Center faculty Eric Zimmerman and architect Nathalie Pozzi, which was created for the Art History of Games Conference.

One of the goals of the Game Center is to support the New York game scene and to encourage experimental and innovative work by local independent game designers. To pursue this goal we intend to commission small-scale games on an ongoing basis. We believe that games, like other creative forms, can thrive outside the context of commercial development.

Please join us then on May 6th for a reception featuring all of these games and a chance to meet with their creators. The event is open to students, faculty, and the general public.

Food and wine will be served.

After the reception the games will be on display in the Game Center lobby through June 4th on the 9th floor of the Tisch Building.